Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moronic MACC

MACC is the abbreviation for the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission which is facing its moment of truth in the Malaysian court currently over the death of Teoh Beng Hock.
The leading prosecutor in the case had made morons of Malaysian mentality. Here are examples:
Q: Did you know that the university that you graduated from is not recognised in Malaysia? ( MACC)
A : But it is the top five in Asia. (Dr. Pornthip)

Commentary - A school boy is expected to casually ask this question when confronted with the choice of picking his or her university for further studies. But a prosecutor ( lawyer?) in a highly controversial and high-profile case asking directly such a question has a big hole in his brain. Is this the quality of prosecutors ( lawyers?) our Malaysian universities produce?
Further, the MACC prosecutor even had the cow-sense to ask Dr. Pornthip whether she had experience jumping off a building !!

For a short peek at the court comedy, please see this video at You Tube below:-

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For a slightly longer and extensive biographical data on Dr. Pornthip, please check it out here.

And, for a more light and laughable rendition , go here.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Malaysia: Islamic State vs Gaming Nation

Young protestors take to the streets in protest to the issuance of another gaming football licence by the Prime Minister of Malaysia to tycon's Vincent Tan gaming group.

A quick check at Forbes' list of the Richest Men in Malaysia year after year would reveal two names that standout. Top in the list is Robert Kuok who inherited an empire from his parent's sugar monopoly since the colonial days and from then into a big conglomerate. His group bags in about 42 billion Malaysian Ringit. Next is the gaming group - Genting. The issue of giving out another gaming licence to yet another top ten Malaysian list of billionaire - Vincent Tan was met with popular disapproval by many Muslim organisations and political parties boding ill for the integrity of Najib ( PM of Malaysia as per picture left). Hundreds and thousands of protesters have started street demonstrations, political and religious gatherings voicing their dismay and anger precipitating in a nation-wide movement called the " Anti- Gaming Licence Movement". Many more demonstrations,etc will be carried out in June and July. Being an Islamic state proclaiming Islam as the official religion, it is no wonder that the citizens are totally irked and furious about Najib's offer of additional gaming licence to tycon Vincent Tan's company.

Vincent Tan Chee Yioun, 58, ( see picture to the right) has a range of investment portfolios under his Berjaya Group of companies. He dabbles in the business of gambling, financial services, property development, hospitality, media, telecommunications, education, food, beverages and direct selling. Some popular foreign brands in his ambit of brands are like " Starbucks", "Cosway", "Kenny Rogers", "7-Eleven" and even " Friendster", the social networking media. Vincent's curent net worth = RM 3.29 billion (2010 estimate).
For the majority of Muslims, the giving away of the gaming licence is a shocking practice on behalf of Najib, displaying his utter disrespect and mockery of the Islamic religion which forbids all forms of gambling. For many years before and many years ahead, Malaysians will be forever shamefully reminded that being an Islamic state Forbes decision to categorically state the nature of business of our richest tycons as " Gaming" remains a great contradiction. This will remain a painful pill to swallow for many new generations of Malaysians on the moral implications of gambling especially on the stark reality that gambling only enrich certain indiviuals according to the Forbes list. Period.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Muslim man beware !! Get your wife's consent please.

A lower Malaysian islamic court at Gombak near Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, has sentenced a member of Malaysian Parliament named Bung Mokhtar Radin and his "wife" , actress Zizzie Izette Abdul Samad on grounds of "illegal polygamy" ( Picture above , from Malay tabloid) . The judge has slapped a fine of RM 1000 and a jail sentence of one month to Bung, while Zizzie was fined RM 1000 or 6 months jail if she can't pay the fine. Bung managed to get a stay of execution when he sought for an appeal of his case. Zizzie paid the fine.
Malaysian men of Muslim faith are allowed to marry more than one wife up to a maximum of four. However, for additional marriages the consent of the first wife is required. Bung was caught commiting the illegal marriage because he did not get the "royal assent " from his first wife.
Among the sharp words uttered by the judge to Bung were that he had bad intentions to marry Zizzie ( behind the first wife's back) and being a honourable member of Parliament, Bung would be the last soul on earth to break the law on Malaysian polygamy.
Other parties especially his political enemies are cashing on this case to press him to abandon his Parliamentary seat, because he has tainted the good image of Malaysian Parliament.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kuala Lumpur City Mayor fined RM 750,000

Time flies. It has been a long time since I started this blog and has not returned to it. Well, today I'm inspired to give it another try. To start the ball rolling, I've picked a newscutting from a local daily . Syed Jamal, the artist would soon be laughing his way to the bank. The Mayor of Malaysia's capital city i.e. the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur will have to get ready RM 750,000 for having not sought the advise or agreement of the artist to meddle with his public sculpture. And since the suit was filed in 2003 and decided only a few days ago, the Mayor has to top-up another 8% to the fine sum per year ( now running to 7 years, therefore 56%) of the original amount. It is a fine example of an artist license to create in Malaysia.